Web Fundamentals



This is geared toward an audience that wants to learn what layers comprise a website, from HTML to CSS and even JavaScript. The course is designed as a “hello world” introduction to web development; we deconstruct a page down to it’s basic elements. We dig into the console and cover several different ways to accomplish basic website design and interactivity development. You’ll experience how useful browser developer tools are by digging into the element inspector, console, and properties inspector.

This workshop is a useful foundation for those who want to:

  • Create interactive web visualizations
  • Collect data from the web and extract data from web pages
  • Create your own simple websites

Things you’ll learn in this workshop

  • Components of a web page
  • How HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together
  • What browswer development tools are and how to inspect elements of a web page
  • Create a simple web page from scratch
  • View a page source and make sense of the code



Required Software