Command Line: vi/vim

beginner HPC data science bash


vi and its successor vim (vi iMproved) are a powerful command line text editors used in Unix environments. They are commonly used by programmers, data scientists, and researchers working in command line environments. Being a modal editor, different tasks are accomplished within different modes in vi/vim. This may seem complicated in the beginning, but frequent users do not even need to take their hands off the keyboard while editing text or coding. All researchers who are editing texts and coding in their daily routine are welcome.

Things you’ll learn in this workshop

  • Switching between editing and command modes
  • Keyboard shortcuts and navigation
  • Quitting and saving
  • Commands for editing files
  • Searching files
  • Calling vim from the command line for batch processing


Required Software

  • Bash Shell with Vim installed
  • Optional: Python - the workshop includes one example of running a Python script. Mac OS X and Linux come with Python installed. Windows users can install it or just skip the one exercise.