Quest: Singularity Containers

advanced HPC


Do you need to use software that isn’t installed on Quest? Do you want to be able to run your code on Quest and other systems without changing it for the local environment? Are you interested in using containerized software from other researchers or distributing your code to others? Singularity is a software container solution designed for scientific workloads that allows you to run code on any Linux computer without needing an administrator to install it. It offers portability, reproducibility, and compatibility with traditional HPC environments like Quest, in addition to working on your local computer or a cloud computing environment. In this workshop we’ll go over using Singularity, finding and running pre-built container images, and how to build your own images.

Things you’ll learn in this workshop

  • Install Singularity on a Linux computer (such as Quest)
  • Find, download, and run pre-built container images from the Docker Hub and Singularity Hub
  • Create custom Singularity images
  • Use Singularity to run any Linux software on Quest without needing an administrator to install it


Required Software

SSH Client to connect to Quest