R: Introduction

beginner R data science


R is a programming language and environment designed for statistical computing. If you do statistical analysis, data visualization, or data manipulation, it’s a powerful tool that is used by academics and data scientists alike. It supports reproducible workflows and helps you take analysis beyond using built-in models on relatively clean data sets as you might with other statistical analysis programs. If you’ve never used R before, or you are looking for a review of the basics, start here. This is a two session workshop, and participants are expected to attend both days.

Things you’ll learn in this workshop

  • How to use RStudio and projects
  • Import and manipulate data
  • Basic plotting
  • How to write an R script
  • Aggregating and summarizing data
  • Import and use packages
  • Read documentation and get more help


  • Understanding of your computer’s file system and ability to locate files
  • Familiarity with what a data set is, different types of data, and computing summary statistics such as means and correlations outside of R

Required Software

R and RStudio