Literary Analysis: Introduction

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Text analysis is fundamental task in both the humanities and journalism. Traditional approaches to generating concordances, determining text topics, and mapping locations can now be performed speedily using freely available software such as Tapor, WordHoard, and TextServices that do not require extensive programming skills. We’ll look at several tools to see how they can help automate the analysis of literary texts, as well as blog and newspaper articles. We’ll also look at locating digital copies of literary texts you might want to analyze.

Things you’ll learn in this workshop

  • Basic approaches to analyzing texts using freely available web-based tools.
  • Count words and generate concordances.
  • Extract names.
  • Determine topics for a short article and extract topical phrases across multiple articles.
  • Locate copies of texts on which to perform your own analyses.
  • Use mapping tools such as Google Earth to map locations you extract from a text.



Required Software

Laptop with an internet connection