Good Data Viz Practices

beginner visualization


This interactive, fun tutorial is focused on best practices when visualizing quantitative data. Participants are first given an overview of what “visual literacy” is, as well as some important terms and concepts related to visualization. Then the participants interact and follow along as they figure out how to identify ‘bad’ charts and graphs fix them to make them more effective. This workshop is geared towards anyone who wants to communicate their data and leave a meaningful impact on their audience or anyone who is curious about how to design effective visual communication for data. There will be some hands-on visualization building in this course!

Things you’ll learn in this workshop

  • Identify ineffective visualizations and articulate their ineffectiveness
  • How Gestalt principles apply to visualization
  • Systematically approaches for creating visualizations
  • Ways to assess if your own visualizations are effective



Required Software

Microsoft Excel or a comparable spreadsheet program such as Google Sheets