D3: Introduction

intermediate visualization


Data isn’t very powerful if you don’t have an audience to share it with. This is why d3.js (a JavaScript library) is the most important tool for building fully customizable, web-facing visualizations. D3 makes your data as accessible, interactive, and visually-driven as any webpage. Contrary to other tools or frameworks, d3 is not a microwavable meal but more of a cookbook and a kitchen full of ingredients. The first part of the workshop focuses on learning the basics of d3 and what makes it so powerful, along with a hands-on portion building your first graph. Following off of this, the second part is primarily hands-on, where users will be expected to solve a difficult visualization problem using d3.

Things you’ll learn in this workshop

  • Build a chart with d3.js
  • Read d3 documentation
  • Structure data for use by d3
  • Read error messages and troubleshoot errors
  • Share your interactive chart with others


  • Web Fundamentals or familiarity with the components of a web page (html, css, JavaScript)

Required Software