Cloud Computing Essentials

When and why to use cloud computing resources for research

beginner cloud

Command Line: Introduction

Learn the basics of using a terminal to navigate your file system and run programs

beginner bash hpc data science

Command Line: vi/vim

Learn how to use a common command line text editor

beginner HPC data science bash

Data Organization in Spreadsheets

Learn best practices to save yourself headaches


Data Storage Options

What are the options for storing research data at Northwestern?

beginner storage

Good Data Viz Practices

Techniques for effective data visualizations

beginner visualization

LaTeX: Introduction

Powerful document preparation system for scientific publications


Literary Analysis: Introduction

Learn basic approaches to analyzing literary texts using freely available tools.

beginner text

Quest: Introduction

Get started with the Quest HPC cluster

beginner HPC

R: Introduction

Introductory R workshop over 2-3 days

beginner R data science

Version Control with Git: Intro

Track changes and manage your workflow with git


Web Fundamentals

Learn how web pages work